The Fault In Our Stars

In this incredible story about 2 teenagers with cancer, Hazel and Augustus meet at support group for kids with terminal illnesses. Hazel is 16 with thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs.  Isaac has is blind in one eye and soon will be blind in the other eye due to cancer. Augustus goes to the support group to support his friend Isaac and meets Hazel there.

Gus and Hazel became friends and he shared with her that he was in remission from cancer, osteosarcoma. Augustus is a 17 year old who was a basketball player before his amputation.  Gus gave Hazel a book that he enjoyed since she loves to read, it was The Price of Dawn.  Hazel gave him her favorite book she has read numerous times An Imperial Infliction, which is about a girl who has cancer, by Peter Van Houten. Gus is disappointed with the abrupt ending with many questions because it just stopped. He begins e-mailing Peter Van Houten for a proper ending.

Hazel and Gus talked about their Make-A-Wish and Gus realizes that Hazel has used her wish to go to Disney and he says he never used his. Hazel has always wanted to meet Peter Van Houten and tries to get her mom to take her on a trip to meet him. Her mom says no because of financial and medical reasons. Gus surprises Hazel with a picnic and tickets to go to meet Peter in Amsterdam. Hazel later goes into the ICU with an episode of pleural effusion, a complication from her lung cancer. The doctors and her parents both feel traveling across seas isn’t safe for her but one Dr stood up stated that Hazel needed to travel.

Gus has Hazel and her mom chauffeured in a limo to the airport and they take their ling flight to Amsterdam and have dinner and champagne. When they go to pay they realize that dinner has been paid for by Peter Van Houten. Augustus tells Hazel that he loves her. They meet Peter only to find he is an angry drunk that kept insulting Hazel about her cancer. He’s not the man they expected him to be. His assistant Lidewij, was responsible for the trip and dinner and thought if she got them there he may realize someone truly cares about him and his writing and maybe he’d stop drinking. Lidewij takes them to the Anne Frank House. The stairs were quite the challenge for Hazel and her lungs. She finally makes it to the top and has a celebratory kiss with Gus. Everyone cheers. They return to the hotel room and things get pretty intimate. Hazel finds that Gus has some cancer pains, and he tells Hazel he really isn’t healthy as far as the cancer goes.

After their return home to Indianapolis, Gus gets sicker and goes into the ICU. He invites Hazel and Isaac to his pre-funeral where they say their eulogies that they’ve written for him.

Van Houten shows up to apologize to Hazel and explained to her that the book was about his eight year old daughter, Anna who died of cancer. Peter Van Houten also has something for Hazel that Gus had written for her, a eulogy. Augustus says, ‘Getting hurt in this world is inevitable, but we do get to choose who we let hurt us’, and that he is happy with his choice. He hopes that she is happy with her choice too. Hazel states she does.


The Hunger Games movie…Mockingjay Part 2

So I did go to the theater to see the movie Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2. This movie was great. It followed along with the book. The movie was so good that you got attached to some of the characters even though sadly they died at the end. There are surprising twists to the plot. But again follow along with the book. You could see that the characters were trying hard to hold on to what makes them who they are, like Effie trying to still dress nice even though she had to wear the uniform district 13. Overall the movie was an epic conclusion to the to the series. A definite must see.

The Hunger Games

 This lovely series by Suzanne Collins is amazing. The Hunger Games is about a futuristic society that pits twenty-five young children between the ages of twelve and eighteen to a fight to the death. On one certain day, twelve districts draw the names of twelve boys and twelve girls. They will then be sent to an arena to fight until one lone victor remains. Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen comes home from an illegal hunt to find her twelve year old sister getting ready for her first year of being at risk of being reaped. When the sisters go to the reaping, Primrose, Katniss’s sister, starts to freak out. Once you reach the age of twelve, your name is put into the drawing once. Every year you grow older, your name gets put in to it one more time. You can also get your name put in to it if you sign up to get oil and flour. The names stay in the drawing until you are nineteen years old. Prim (It is a nickname for Primrose) freaks out because she is scared. Her name was only put into the reaping once. The reaping starts. The woman,  on the stage, Effie Trinket, starts to say a speech. When she is done, she goes over to the girls drawing bowl. She then reaches into the bowl and picks out one slip with one name on it. She reads the name out loud. “Primrose Everdeen”.  Prim makes her way up to the stage. She is about halfway there, when Katniss  starts screaming. The peacekeepers hold her back. She says she volunteers as tribute. And that is how Katniss’s story starts.

The reason for writing about The Hunger Games is because as anyone on planet Earth would know, the fourth Hunger Games movie is coming out this fall. The exact date is November 20th.

The Infernal Devices

Cassandra Clare is an amazing author. She wrote The Mortal Instruments. The series was about Clary Fray and Shadowhunters. The setting was New York. The time setting was placed in modern times. Cassandra Clare wrote another book series about Tessa Gray and Shadowhunters. This series was placed in London in the year 1878. It follows young Tessa Gray, who was mentioned earlier in The Mortal Instruments series.

A young girl travels to London from her home in the U.S. She had gotten a letter from her brother inviting her to stay with him in his home in Southampton. When her ship had docked and she had gotten off, her brother was no where to be found. She had looked around him but had found two old ladies instead. They had claimed to have been sent from her brother, Nate. They didn’t allow her to get her bags, claiming to have already sent them. The old ladies, also known as The Dark Sisters, were liars. They were mean to her. They made her practice using her powers everyday. If she failed after the first couple of times, they hurt her. After a few weeks, they decided to marry her off to their employer, the Magister. On the day that they were giving her away, Tessa escaped. She didn’t do it by herself, of course. William Herondale (Will) saved her. For the past few weeks he had been investigating the death of a girl found in an alley. The investigating lead him the the Dark Sisters’ home. He escaped with her and brought her to the Institute. She was not a Shadowhunter so she couldn’t stay long. She was believed to be a Warlock. Her brother was still missing. Charlotte, the head of the Institute, went to Tessa’s brother’s employer’s office. He was a mundane with the Sight. The Sight allowed him to see the same things Shadowhunters did, but mundanes could not. He told her of how Nate had resigned. Nate had found a new employer. He lead her to believe it was a vampire named de Quincey. The Institute’s Shadowhunters believed that de Quincey was the Magister. They sneaked into one of his meetings. It had been believed that at the meetings, mundanes were harmed. At the meeting that Will and Tessa had attended, one certain mundane was going to have his blood sucked by all of the vampires in the room. That mundane was Nate Gray, Tessa’s brother. The Enclave came and fought the vampires, for they had broken the law. After that, they took Nate to the Institute where he was going to be patched up, for he looked as if he were beaten. He was unconscious. One night, Charlotte found the location of de Quincey. He had escaped the party when the Enclave attacked. She planned on going to hunt him down. Before she had found out, Tessa and Jem (James Carstairs) went for a walk. Jem was a resident of the Institute and the parabatai of Will. They, Tessa and Jem, went for a walk to a bridge, where they had been attacked by automatons. They had fought them. They had run home to the Institute, but did not enter, for Jem had passed out. Tessa remembered that Will had said no one without Shadowhunter blood could open the door so she didn’t bother. A few automatons attacked. Tessa rang the doorbells a bunch of times. Finally the Shadowhunters came and fought. Tessa saw one reached down toward Jem and run away. When Charlotte went off to get de Quincey, Mortmain, Nate’s employer, appeared on the doorstep. He told Will of where the Dark Sisters were. Will and Jem went after them. When they were gone, Mortmain sent out a group of automatons. They entered the Institute. The automaton that reached down toward Jem had his blood on its fingers. The automaton lead a group into the Institute. Mortmain was the Magister. He wanted Tessa. HE wanted to use her for her powers. Tessa, Jessamine (a resident of the Institute), Sophie (the maid of the Institute), Thomas (a maid-like person of the Institute), and Agatha ( The cook) were the only ones in the Institute. At the Dark Sisters’ house, Will and Jem realized that Mortmain tricked them. They rush home, but not soon enough. Thomas and Agatha are dead. Will sees Jessamine and Sophie being held by automatons in the doorway. They tell him to go after Tessa. She was locked in a room with Mortmain. When Will gets there, he finds Tessa dead. He runs to her and holds her tight. She looks at him and tells him she’s not really dead. When Will had walked into the room, Mortmain disappeared. Tesss can change into people. When people are dead and she turns into them, she turns into them when they had died. Like when a woman had gotten shot by a bullet and blead to death, Tessa would look like the woman right before she died. Afterword she would still be covered in blood. That was what she had done. She threatened Mortmain that she would kill herself if he didn’t let her go. He did not believe her. She held the knife to her heart but turned away from him at the last minute. She turned into the bullet-shotten women, then turned back. She was covered in blood so it seemed real. Mortmain believed her. Will had let the one moment of weakness ruin what he had worked toward. He had been cursed when he was young that anyone who loved him would be killed. He was playing around in his dad’s office. He found a box that held a demon in it. The demon tried to kill Will but his older sister, Ella came and tried to save him. His sister had been struck by the demon’s stinger. She had died the next day. Will had been led to believe that he was the cause of his sister’s death. He ran away from home the next day. HE didn’t want to be the cause of any of his family member’s death. He went to the Institute. He loved Tessa, but he couldn’t allow her to love him so he was mean to her. He was mean to everyone in the Institute except for Jem. Jem was already dying. When he was little, his mom had revenge taken out on her. She had killed a nest of demons. The parent of that demon wanted revenge for that. The demon found her and tortured her. The demon took Jem and gave him a drug. The drug kills you. Jem has to keep taking the drug or he will die quickly. The drug just extends his life.

Now that you know basically the entire first book of the series, The Infernal Devices, you should consider reading the second.

Paper Towns

The book Paper Towns by John Green is amazing. It’s about this boy named Quentin. He has this huge crush on his neighbor and his school’s popular girl, Margo Roth Spiegelman. They used to be best friends, but she became such a mystery that he couldn’t keep up. She ran away from her house many times. Her parents were hard to deal with. Whenever she ran away from home, she left clues, like the time she ran away to Mississippi. She ate alphabet soup and left the letters M, I, S, and P in the bowl. The time she spent the night in Disney World she left a Minnie Mouse toy on her bed. She wasn’t found when she ran away; She came home by herself. Quentin and Margo haven’t talked to each other in years . Then one night, Margo climbs through Q’s window. They travel through their paper town, getting revenge on Margo’s enemies. They enjoy the night in each others presence. The next day, Margo is not at school. Quentin comes home from school to a detective and Margo’s parents in his kitchen. Margo has run away again. The detective can’t do much because she is no longer a minor. It seems that Margo’s parents can’t find the clue that Margo left behind. But that’s because Margo didn’t leave a clue for her parents. She left it for Q. Now it’s up to Quentin to find his crush and bring her back.

*This book has been made into a movie. The movie will be in theaters on July 24, 2015*

Movie Time!

There are many holiday movies in this world. And everyone has their favorite, like The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Santa Claus. Everyone also has a favorite holiday. Mine is Easter. I also LOVE the movie Hop. It’s about a talking bunny named E.B. He is going to be the next Easter Bunny, but doesn’t want to take on that role. He leaves his home, Easter Island, and goes to Hollywood. There he meets an unemployed boy who is looking for a job. They stay together for a couple of days. One day a very famous talent show host tells E.B. that he can be on the show. A limo picks him up. He goes on the show and rocks it. But he can’t stay in Hollywood. He has to go back to Easter Island and save the day!

Anyway, that is my favorite holiday movie. You should check it out!


I have a new series for you guys to read. The first book is called Gone. I will write a quick summary about it since I’m good at writing those.

Gone. They are all gone. Just… poof! Fourteen year old Sam Temple was sitting in a boring history class in his hometown, Perdidio Beach , zoning out. He was imagining surfing at the beach with his best friend. Then…Poof. The history teacher disappeared. He was there one second. Now he was gone. A few kids in Sam’s class disappeared, too. Kids start panicking. Astrid, a super pretty smart girl, figures things out. Everyone over the age of fifteen disappeared. And a giant wall was surrounding the town. The wall burned when people touched it. To make matters worse, kids are developing powers. Not good. A little girl killed herself by setting her house on fire with her hands. Then some people under the age of fifteen from Coates Academy, a school for troubled kids, try to take over Perdidio Beach. Conflict breaks out. Will kids survive this new world called the FAYZ? Find out by reading this amazing book called Gone by Michael Grant.

Suggestion Sunday

Hi everyone! So, I’m recommending a book series for you to read this week, The Selection series. It’s like The Hunger Games, but is about princesses and princes with no killings. The Selection is about a teenage girl named America Singer. She, along with thirty-four other girls, has to compete for the lovely Prince Maxon’s heart. Young America wanted nothing to do with the prince. She was there by accident. She didn’t want the prince or the crown, she just wanted her mother to have the satisfaction of knowing that her daughter had a chance for being in the Selection. This book is about being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. Please take the time to read this amazing book by Kiara Cass, you will not regret it.  Talk to you all soon :-)

Today We Read!

Hi, just checking in. I’ve been reading like I said. ;-) So I’ve been reading this book, The City of Heavenly Fire. It’s the 5th book in the series. These books are  about Shadowhunters, or demon hunters and this girl’s mother is kidnapped by an evil guy. Her mother hid the shadow world from her and she met some other teenagers who are Shadowhunters. They help her try to get her mother back. It’s a great story.  I’m so in love with these books! The 1st one is City of Bones. Check them out! :-) If you have already read this series, The Mortal Instruments, you should check out The Bane Chronicles or Infernal Devices. Happy reading. :-)