Movie Time!

There are many holiday movies in this world. And everyone has their favorite, like The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Santa Claus. Everyone also has a favorite holiday. Mine is Easter. I also LOVE the movie Hop. It’s about a talking bunny named E.B. He is going to be the next Easter Bunny, but doesn’t want to take on that role. He leaves his home, Easter Island, and goes to Hollywood. There he meets an unemployed boy who is looking for a job. They stay together for a couple of days. One day a very famous talent show host tells E.B. that he can be on the show. A limo picks him up. He goes on the show and rocks it. But he can’t stay in Hollywood. He has to go back to Easter Island and save the day!

Anyway, that is my favorite holiday movie. You should check it out!


I have a new series for you guys to read. The first book is called Gone. I will write a quick summary about it since I’m good at writing those.

Gone. They are all gone. Just… poof! Fourteen year old Sam Temple was sitting in a boring history class in his hometown, Perdidio Beach , zoning out. He was imagining surfing at the beach with his best friend. Then…Poof. The history teacher disappeared. He was there one second. Now he was gone. A few kids in Sam’s class disappeared, too. Kids start panicking. Astrid, a super pretty smart girl, figures things out. Everyone over the age of fifteen disappeared. And a giant wall was surrounding the town. The wall burned when people touched it. To make matters worse, kids are developing powers. Not good. A little girl killed herself by setting her house on fire with her hands. Then some people under the age of fifteen from Coates Academy, a school for troubled kids, try to take over Perdidio Beach. Conflict breaks out. Will kids survive this new world called the FAYZ? Find out by reading this amazing book called Gone by Michael Grant.

Suggestion Sunday

Hi everyone! So, I’m recommending a book series for you to read this week, The Selection series. It’s like The Hunger Games, but is about princesses and princes with no killings. The Selection is about a teenage girl named America Singer. She, along with thirty-four other girls, has to compete for the lovely Prince Maxon’s heart. Young America wanted nothing to do with the prince. She was there by accident. She didn’t want the prince or the crown, she just wanted her mother to have the satisfaction of knowing that her daughter had a chance for being in the Selection. This book is about being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. Please take the time to read this amazing book by Kiara Cass, you will not regret it.  Talk to you all soon :-)

Today We Read!

Hi, just checking in. I’ve been reading like I said. ;-) So I’ve been reading this book, The City of Heavenly Fire. It’s the 5th book in the series. These books are  about Shadowhunters, or demon hunters and this girl’s mother is kidnapped by an evil guy. Her mother hid the shadow world from her and she met some other teenagers who are Shadowhunters. They help her try to get her mother back. It’s a great story.  I’m so in love with these books! The 1st one is City of Bones. Check them out! :-) If you have already read this series, The Mortal Instruments, you should check out The Bane Chronicles or Infernal Devices. Happy reading. :-)