Paper Towns

The book Paper Towns by John Green is amazing. It’s about this boy named Quentin. He has this huge crush on his neighbor and his school’s popular girl, Margo Roth Spiegelman. They used to be best friends, but she became such a mystery that he couldn’t keep up. She ran away from her house many times. Her parents were hard to deal with. Whenever she ran away from home, she left clues, like the time she ran away to Mississippi. She ate alphabet soup and left the letters M, I, S, and P in the bowl. The time she spent the night in Disney World she left a Minnie Mouse toy on her bed. She wasn’t found when she ran away; She came home by herself. Quentin and Margo haven’t talked to each other in years . Then one night, Margo climbs through Q’s window. They travel through their paper town, getting revenge on Margo’s enemies. They enjoy the night in each others presence. The next day, Margo is not at school. Quentin comes home from school to a detective and Margo’s parents in his kitchen. Margo has run away again. The detective can’t do much because she is no longer a minor. It seems that Margo’s parents can’t find the clue that Margo left behind. But that’s because Margo didn’t leave a clue for her parents. She left it for Q. Now it’s up to Quentin to find his crush and bring her back.

*This book has been made into a movie. The movie will be in theaters on July 24, 2015*