The Hunger Games

 This lovely series by Suzanne Collins is amazing. The Hunger Games is about a futuristic society that pits twenty-five young children between the ages of twelve and eighteen to a fight to the death. On one certain day, twelve districts draw the names of twelve boys and twelve girls. They will then be sent to an arena to fight until one lone victor remains. Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen comes home from an illegal hunt to find her twelve year old sister getting ready for her first year of being at risk of being reaped. When the sisters go to the reaping, Primrose, Katniss’s sister, starts to freak out. Once you reach the age of twelve, your name is put into the drawing once. Every year you grow older, your name gets put in to it one more time. You can also get your name put in to it if you sign up to get oil and flour. The names stay in the drawing until you are nineteen years old. Prim (It is a nickname for Primrose) freaks out because she is scared. Her name was only put into the reaping once. The reaping starts. The woman,  on the stage, Effie Trinket, starts to say a speech. When she is done, she goes over to the girls drawing bowl. She then reaches into the bowl and picks out one slip with one name on it. She reads the name out loud. “Primrose Everdeen”.  Prim makes her way up to the stage. She is about halfway there, when Katniss  starts screaming. The peacekeepers hold her back. She says she volunteers as tribute. And that is how Katniss’s story starts.

The reason for writing about The Hunger Games is because as anyone on planet Earth would know, the fourth Hunger Games movie is coming out this fall. The exact date is November 20th.