The Infernal Devices

Cassandra Clare is an amazing author. She wrote The Mortal Instruments. The series was about Clary Fray and Shadowhunters. The setting was New York. The time setting was placed in modern times. Cassandra Clare wrote another book series about Tessa Gray and Shadowhunters. This series was placed in London in the year 1878. It follows young Tessa Gray, who was mentioned earlier in The Mortal Instruments series.

A young girl travels to London from her home in the U.S. She had gotten a letter from her brother inviting her to stay with him in his home in Southampton. When her ship had docked and she had gotten off, her brother was no where to be found. She had looked around him but had found two old ladies instead. They had claimed to have been sent from her brother, Nate. They didn’t allow her to get her bags, claiming to have already sent them. The old ladies, also known as The Dark Sisters, were liars. They were mean to her. They made her practice using her powers everyday. If she failed after the first couple of times, they hurt her. After a few weeks, they decided to marry her off to their employer, the Magister. On the day that they were giving her away, Tessa escaped. She didn’t do it by herself, of course. William Herondale (Will) saved her. For the past few weeks he had been investigating the death of a girl found in an alley. The investigating lead him the the Dark Sisters’ home. He escaped with her and brought her to the Institute. She was not a Shadowhunter so she couldn’t stay long. She was believed to be a Warlock. Her brother was still missing. Charlotte, the head of the Institute, went to Tessa’s brother’s employer’s office. He was a mundane with the Sight. The Sight allowed him to see the same things Shadowhunters did, but mundanes could not. He told her of how Nate had resigned. Nate had found a new employer. He lead her to believe it was a vampire named de Quincey. The Institute’s Shadowhunters believed that de Quincey was the Magister. They sneaked into one of his meetings. It had been believed that at the meetings, mundanes were harmed. At the meeting that Will and Tessa had attended, one certain mundane was going to have his blood sucked by all of the vampires in the room. That mundane was Nate Gray, Tessa’s brother. The Enclave came and fought the vampires, for they had broken the law. After that, they took Nate to the Institute where he was going to be patched up, for he looked as if he were beaten. He was unconscious. One night, Charlotte found the location of de Quincey. He had escaped the party when the Enclave attacked. She planned on going to hunt him down. Before she had found out, Tessa and Jem (James Carstairs) went for a walk. Jem was a resident of the Institute and the parabatai of Will. They, Tessa and Jem, went for a walk to a bridge, where they had been attacked by automatons. They had fought them. They had run home to the Institute, but did not enter, for Jem had passed out. Tessa remembered that Will had said no one without Shadowhunter blood could open the door so she didn’t bother. A few automatons attacked. Tessa rang the doorbells a bunch of times. Finally the Shadowhunters came and fought. Tessa saw one reached down toward Jem and run away. When Charlotte went off to get de Quincey, Mortmain, Nate’s employer, appeared on the doorstep. He told Will of where the Dark Sisters were. Will and Jem went after them. When they were gone, Mortmain sent out a group of automatons. They entered the Institute. The automaton that reached down toward Jem had his blood on its fingers. The automaton lead a group into the Institute. Mortmain was the Magister. He wanted Tessa. HE wanted to use her for her powers. Tessa, Jessamine (a resident of the Institute), Sophie (the maid of the Institute), Thomas (a maid-like person of the Institute), and Agatha ( The cook) were the only ones in the Institute. At the Dark Sisters’ house, Will and Jem realized that Mortmain tricked them. They rush home, but not soon enough. Thomas and Agatha are dead. Will sees Jessamine and Sophie being held by automatons in the doorway. They tell him to go after Tessa. She was locked in a room with Mortmain. When Will gets there, he finds Tessa dead. He runs to her and holds her tight. She looks at him and tells him she’s not really dead. When Will had walked into the room, Mortmain disappeared. Tesss can change into people. When people are dead and she turns into them, she turns into them when they had died. Like when a woman had gotten shot by a bullet and blead to death, Tessa would look like the woman right before she died. Afterword she would still be covered in blood. That was what she had done. She threatened Mortmain that she would kill herself if he didn’t let her go. He did not believe her. She held the knife to her heart but turned away from him at the last minute. She turned into the bullet-shotten women, then turned back. She was covered in blood so it seemed real. Mortmain believed her. Will had let the one moment of weakness ruin what he had worked toward. He had been cursed when he was young that anyone who loved him would be killed. He was playing around in his dad’s office. He found a box that held a demon in it. The demon tried to kill Will but his older sister, Ella came and tried to save him. His sister had been struck by the demon’s stinger. She had died the next day. Will had been led to believe that he was the cause of his sister’s death. He ran away from home the next day. HE didn’t want to be the cause of any of his family member’s death. He went to the Institute. He loved Tessa, but he couldn’t allow her to love him so he was mean to her. He was mean to everyone in the Institute except for Jem. Jem was already dying. When he was little, his mom had revenge taken out on her. She had killed a nest of demons. The parent of that demon wanted revenge for that. The demon found her and tortured her. The demon took Jem and gave him a drug. The drug kills you. Jem has to keep taking the drug or he will die quickly. The drug just extends his life.

Now that you know basically the entire first book of the series, The Infernal Devices, you should consider reading the second.